How to offer gifts to your loved ones from Algeria?

How to offer gifts to your loved ones from Algeria

Hadiia is an online store allowing Algerians from all over the world to offer gifts in all occasions to their friends, relatives and families living in Algeria.

“Offer a gift to your loved ones from Algeria” from a wide range of high quality products at very competitive prices.

** Pitch [Video-V / EN] :

Samia lives in Toulouse.
Omar lives in Dubai.
And Kahina lives in Montreal.

They all have something in common! They all have loved ones living in Algeria.

They’ve been searching online looking for how they can send gifts to their loved ones without leaving the comfort of their homes.
Luckily for them; they found Hadiia

Hadiia is an online store where you can offer gifts to your family and friends during great occasions, like birthdays, weddings etc.
How does this works?

It’s easy, just go to, select the product you wish to offer ranging from flowers, fragrance and perfumes to chocolates and jewellery.

And once the gifts have been selected, we’ll deliver it right to the door of your loved ones in Algeria.

How beautiful is it to make your Dad or Mom happy?

Samia, Omar and Kahina loved the fact that is safe, secure and fast!

Can’t wait to make you and your family happy!

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